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Offering the council two ripe plums – Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum (CSNF) deputation to Camden Council, 8th July 2019

We thank the Mayor for accepting our deputation and appreciate this opportunity to address the full Council.

We are resident and business representatives from the Camley St Neighbourhood Forum (CSNF), a very strong community working together since 2012. Over the last seven years we have developed a vision for a world leading sustainable urban development .

The Forum now has real concerns that, with the draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) approved by the Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities on 21st June 2019, planning proposals for leasehold sites on Camley Street will quickly come forward for approval before the Neighbourhood Plan can be adopted. We are further concerned that the effect of this will be to have investment imposed on our Community rather than in it and to facilitate an exclusive economy rather than an inclusive one which retains key current businesses.

There are however two plans for Camley St, the Draft SPD from Camden and the Submission Version of the Neighbourhood Plan from the Camley St Neighbourhood Forum. In most regards the two documents are in synchrony; however, there are two key differences.

The first regards the development plan for 104 -114 Camley St where Camden is the freeholder but with head lease holders; on page 29 of the SPD the CSNF vision for this site is acknowledged. It is the Forum`s view that this site is best developed with support from the GLA Land Fund, no mention of which is made in the funding options in the SPD. Our request is that Camden make a joint approach with the CSNF to the GLA to seek support to bring 104-114 back into full public ownership.

The second difference between the plans relates to the value of the current 450 jobs, serving vital Camden needs for the past 40 years being kept on site. The Neighbourhood Plan explicitly retains named business including Booker Cash and Carry, Daily Fish, IMS, Pack Shot, Richmond Laundries Alara and A Models that meet the London Plan requirement of serving the London Central Activity Zone, the existence of which is acknowledged on page 25 of the Camden SPD. When the NP is adopted this provision will become part of the planning framework and these jobs retained.

World Class professionals KCA architects, Tibbalds planning, Momentum Transport, AECOM, BLP Law, Chris Brown CEO of Igloo and Roger Madelin ex CEO of Argent, have worked with us to develop a Camley St master plan that delivers all the objectives of the Camden CIP and the full provisions of the Camley St Neighbourhood Plan.

To avoid a waste of public money we request that when the funding application for £2.8 million is made to Cabinet on the 17th July to develop another Camley St master plan, all key provisions in the existing CSNF master plan are included in the project brief.

Thank you for listening and we would really like to know why Camden will not at least transparently review our plans but rather seemingly to treat our community as the enemy.

More detail about our Camley Street plan and many of the relevant documents are available at www.camleystreetplan.org.uk