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Response to Cllr Danny Beales’ letter in Camden New Journal – 19 July 2019

It was with dismay that I read Cllr Beales letter of the 18th July as it seems that we have not been able to help him understand the true nature of an alternative option for the development of Camley St.

The option we hope to inspire Camden to at least consider includes

100% ownership by Camden

Transfer of current privately held land interests back into public hands

No Joint venture at all.

Discussing the option of transferring current head leases back to public ownership using GLA funds. This needs to happen while these leases are still for light industrial use only. We believe Camden is currently planning to write new leases for this publicly held land so it can be used for private housing.  

In spite of many attempts to make this clear, including at the recent Cabinet meeting and in the viability assessment delivered to Camden  our development option is for a minimum 300 homes at social rent levels from the total 1,000 new homes in public ownership.

Camden also plans to start building on Camley St  in 2023 at the earliest while there is a different option where homes start being provided at least two years earlier.

Again in spite of attempts to make this clear, only those businesses that comply with the GLA planning criteria of serving the central London Economic Zone can be named, however our option would seek to retain as many as possible of the current 500 jobs while welcoming many many more.

We urge Camden to engage with us in reviewing development options, something that has not yet happened. We have suggested that the  proposed steering group seriously reviews different development option for all of Camley Street If this is agreed it will be seen that many of the misconceptions set out in Cllr Beales letter will fall away and a vision for what we believe could be a world leading sustainable urban development take it place.

Yours sincerely

Alex Smith


Camley St Neighbourhood Forum

Read Cllr Beales’ words here: http://camdennewjournal.com/article/facts-about-the-councils-approach-on-camley-street